How Can AI Support COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution?

Predictive data models, if built ethically, can help governments planning for fair and equitable vaccine distribution. Kasia Jakimowicz, Director of Education and Programs at the Institute for Technology and Global Health, explains how.

Multiple companies are developing predictive data tools to help jurisdictions deliver COVID-19 vaccines effectively and equitably. Our very own Kasia Jakimowicz explains how for Data-Smart City Solutions.

“State and local agencies need to efficiently manage the distribution and allocation of resources, including demand forecasting, staffing, service time, patient tracking, follow up, and tracing, and eventually, equitable vaccine access for all. AI and data analytics can help in developing a coordinated and equitable distribution response by public authorities.”

To know more about how AI can support vaccine distribution check out her full article on Data-Smart City Solutions.

Photo courtesy of Pexels.